Area – Kondhwa, NIBM
Service provided – Society Registration and formation

Our Client was one of the prime builders in Pune and had a successful project at Knodhwa NIMB. The builder as per regulated laws wanted to hand over the maintenance system to the flat owners by forming a Society and giving them a legal existence. <--more-->

However the Flat owners were under an impression that once a society is formed, the builder could run away with all his liabilities and all the minor pending civil and maintenance work would then become the Society’s liability. Builder on the other hand with good faith wanted to help flat owners avail benefits which society members are entitled too. Thus there was a clear miscommunication between both the parties. As a result Builder wanted an expert councilor in society bye laws who could help the society members understand the whole process and negotiate the right terms mutually beneficial to both the parties.

Society Plus with years of experience in society registrations and a member of expert panel of the Bye laws was the right partner of choice for the builder. Society Plus had a reputation of handling such sensitive issues and providing right guidance to both Builders and flat owners and providing a mutual platform beneficial for both.

Society Plus 1st got in touch with couple of representatives from the flat owners and understood their concerns. Based on the inputs from them we could clearly understand that Flat owners were under a wrong impression. They believed on society formation builder can stop the remaining civil work and it won’t be his liability henceforth. They clearly misunderstood few of the bye laws and felt that were being cheated. We helped them understand that society formation would not allow builder to stall the pending civil work. We segregated the issues primarily into 2 parts, one as pending civil work which at any cost the builder would be liable to and others as society issues. We were successful in explaining the representatives in the 1st meeting itself the benefits of registration. Now the next big step was to help understand the all flat owners of these benefits and clear their doubt.

We arranged a General body meeting of the flat owners and helped them understand the whole process and liabilities involved in the society formation and cleared their doubts about pending civil work. With more than 4hrs of discussion with the owners we were finally able to convince all the members and we could kick start the registration process on the same day. We had the Builder also present at the meeting and made him agree upon all the terms. Thus within a short time frame we could bring flat owners and builder on common grounds providing right guidance for both.

Outcome –

  • A smooth processing of Society registrations for the members. We now also provide society accounts and audit services and society consultancy services to the society
  • 5 more projects were awarded to us by builder, which are all executed with same efficiency