Online Deemed Conveyance Procedure – One More Step Towards Digital India

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What are the documents required for deemed conveyance?

In this blog we would cover what all documents that are required for deemed conveyance. To know the complete procedure for deemed conveyance read our previous blog What is the procedure for Deemed Conveyance?

Identifying and collection of all the documents is the most crucial step in the obtaining deemed conveyance. It is a very meticulous job and make sure all the documents are lined up within the right format. You would require land revenue records, municipal corporation records, society records, property development records and professional certificates.

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What is the Procedure for Deemed Conveyance?

In this 2nd blog of the series, we will look at the procedure for obtaining deemed conveyance. Our previous blog what is conveyance and deemed conveyance? outlines what both these terms mean and how they are different from each other. The process for both conveyance and deemed conveyance however is the same.

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What is Conveyance and Deemed Conveyance?

We have been working with lot of housing societies in past couple of decades and see a very common pattern around when it comes to getting the conveyance of their housing societies done. The first and foremost is everyone thinks that they need to apply for deemed conveyance. A very common misconception. We don’t blame them, they don’t understand the basic difference between regular conveyance and deemed conveyance. That’s why we decided to pin down what does exactly each process means and why societies should go for it.

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Connecting in right direction – A case study

Area – Kondhwa, NIBM
Service provided – Society Registration and formation

Our Client was one of the prime builders in Pune and had a successful project at Knodhwa NIMB. The builder as per regulated laws wanted to hand over the maintenance system to the flat owners by forming a Society and giving them a legal existence. 

However the

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