Society Accounts and Audit Services

We provide end-to-end accounting and audit services for housing societies, commercial societies, maintenance societies and townships. Right from data entry to financial report generation, our team of professional accountants, legal advisors, and mangers help you streamline your processes and keep you in line with statutory audit requirements.

We provide accounting and audit services for over 500 societies across Pune. Based on our wide experience we have identified three specialized services for each society under the Accounting and audit services. These services help you maintain documentation for statutory audits.

• Co-operative Accounting
• Statutory Documentation
• Society Management Consultancy

Co-operative accounting services:

• Creation and maintenance of receipts and payments A/c
• Creation and maintenance of income and expenditure A/c
• Annual balance sheet
• Cash book, bank book and J.V reports
• Quarterly/Half yearly and yearly demand bills

Statutory Documentation services:

• Preparation and update of share certificates
• Preparation and update of I forms and j forms
• Preparation and update of share register and share ledger
• Nomination form activation
• Preparation and update of nomination register
• Preparation and update of investment register
• Preparation of Minutes of committee meeting
• Preparation of Minutes of general meeting
• Preparation of furniture and dead stock register
• Preparation and update of share transfer register

Society Management consultancy:

This service is customized based on society requirements. As soon as a society is formed, it becomes mandatory for them to abide by statutory requirements and bye-laws. We help societies with:

• Society administrative set up
• Society initial set up
• Society monetary set up

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