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Proper functioning and efficient management systems in a society need to outline some ground rules. Every society needs a contingency plan for repairs, day-to-day maintenance, etc. Apart from these they also need to set rules regarding tenants, parking issues, disputes, and many more issues. Society Plus guides societies to identify all these hassles and helps with initial administrative and monetary set up of societies.

With our services societies lay the ground rules as per by-laws for disciplined functioning. The rules are laid as per the structure of the society and we also help get it approved from the general body of the society. Our expertise spans:

  • Society Administrative set up
  • Society initial set up
  • Society monetary set up

Society Administrative set up:

Set up the society and create mandatory 25+ file systems as per provisions of by-laws.

Society Initial Set Up:

Prepare society rules and get approval from general body of the society

• Tenant related laws
• Flat transfer cases
• Recovery of outstanding dues
• Parking issues
• Day-to-Day correspondence matters
• Regular co-operative updates
• Dispute resolution

Society monetary set up:

• Service charges or day-to-day maintenance
• Sinking fund
• Repairs & maintenance fund
• Major repair fund

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Our Client was one of the prime builders in Pune and had a successful project at Knodhwa NIMB. The builder as per regulated laws wanted to hand over the maintenance system to the flat owners by forming a Society and giving them a legal existence.


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