Conveyance Services for Societies

Does your society have ownership of the land? Are all the rights of your developer handed over?

These are some questions which when asked, societies will not have an answer to. In most of the cases people believe that a Purchase Agreement is the final document they need to own. However, a mere purchase agreement does not pass on the developer’s rights on the land to the society. Societies need to make sure they have the complete right to the land, and mere society registration and formation does not provide those rights.

A Conveyance Deed helps societies to gain the right of their land. Post this builder relinquishes his legal right on the land.

We at Society Plus provide end-to-end conveyance services to societies including execution of Conveyance Deed, Deemed Conveyance, and Deed of Apartments. We work closely with co-operative societies and government officials and make sure the complete process is hassle free. With our team of legal advisors and professional approach we have delivered conveyance deeds for more than …….. societies across Pune. We guide our clients through the complete process of transferring builder’s rights, allocation of additional space and finally establishment of society rights, as per the law.

Our conveyance services include:

Apartment formation:

• Deed of Declaration
• Deed of Apartment

Co-operative Societies Coveyance:

• Conveyance deed with builder’s consent
• Deemed Conveyance – without builder’s consent

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out frequently asked questions about society conveyance, deemed conveyance, and related procedures and policies.


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Our Client was one of the prime builders in Pune and had a successful project at Knodhwa NIMB. The builder as per regulated laws wanted to hand over the maintenance system to the flat owners by forming a Society and giving them a legal existence.


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